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Customize Carton Flow Rack Wholesale Manufacturer
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Product: Views:245Customize Carton Flow Rack Wholesale Manufacturer 
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The Carton Flow Rack adopts roller type aluminum alloy or sheet metal fluently, and it is placed at a certain grade (about 3 degrees). The goods are usually wrapped in paper or put in plastic containers, take advantage of the weight of the goods, from one side of the channel inventory, and the other side of the channel to carry out the first in first out. Transport goods by car, manual access, storage convenience, you can store at a time, many times to pick up. The load capacity of each layer of carton flow shelf is usually about 100KG, and the height of shelf is usually within 2.5 meters.

Features of carton flow rack:

(1)         Using rolling aluminum alloy and other flow bar, using cargo weight to achieve the first out of the goods.

(2)         The utility model is suitable for storage of large quantities of similar goods, high density storage, space saving, and storage utilization rate raised by more than 60% than ordinary shelves.

(3)         High logistics efficiency, time saving, and the efficiency of goods access is 10 times of ordinary shelves.

(4)         Easy operation, no need for regular maintenance, reliable and durable.

(5)         Environmental protection, energy saving, pollution-free and no need for energy operation.

(6)         Absolute safety, reduce or completely remove the damage of goods, especially suitable for the storage of fragile articles.

(7)         It can be equipped with electronic tag to realize the information management of the goods.

The carton flow roller rack has the advantages of good storage efficiency, and suitable for short storage and picking of large quantities of goods.

The flow shelves are suitable for the process conversion, assembly line production and picking operation of distribution centers. It is widely used in manufacturing, commercial, distribution centers, assembly plants and warehouses with high frequency of shipment.